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Growing and Selling Healthy Bedding Plants 6 Strategies to Beat Disease and Win Sales

The make or break obstacle between you and a successful bedding plant season often comes down to disease. One could argue that the primary goal of any successful greenhouse is to produce healthy plants. After all, without healthy plants, all the marketing in the world will do no good: there simply is no market for unhealthy, diseased plants.

That said, growing strong, vibrant, healthy plants is easier said than done. Tough diseases like Botrytis and damping-off are always lurking in the environment, ready to attack your precious crop at the first opportunity, often the first sign of weakness.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to strengthen and protect your plants from these diseases. Here are six strategies to help you gain the upper hand against disease in your bedding plants.

Know thy enemy: Common bedding plant diseases
What’s true for war and sporting games is also true for disease control: the best defense is a good offense. In order to defeat the enemy, whether on the battlefield, sports field, or in the greenhouse, it pays to know who (or what) they are, their habits, their strengths, and their weaknesses so you can take proactive, preventive measures to keep them from scoring any wins.

In the case of bedding plants, the major disease threats are damping-off and

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