Phyton Corporation is committed to providing superior plant disease control solutions to growers. Over a nearly thirty-year history, the company has established a reputation for providing innovative products that are effective against some of the most difficult plant diseases. The company’s flagship product, Phyton 27® is known as a broad-spectrum pesticide that provides long lasting protection systemically and leaves no visible residue. The key to its effectiveness is its patented formula that enables the active ingredient, copper sulfate pentahydrate, to be absorbed systemically into the plant. By working inside plants, Phyton 27 provides excellent disease control with low risk of phytotoxicity, when used as directed.

Phyton Corporation is committed to finding new, distinctive disease management solutions for more growers. X3® is a bactericide, fungicide, algaecide that extends the company franchise into sanitation and water treatment, as well fighting plant disease. X3 is efficient. It’s concentrated and is economical in use. X3 has a low risk of phytotoxicity when used according to label directions.

Growers have called Phyton 27 a “secret weapon” and “the silver bullet”; it’s an “industry standard” for combined protection against bacterial and fungal disease. The company’s newest product, Phyton 35, introduced in 2012 is extending these benefits to greenhouse growers who include garden vegetables among their selection of crops. Phyton 27AG, also new in 2012, was developed for agricultural growers with applications that have been difficult to treat with conventional fungicides.

You can trust Phyton Corporation for innovative and effective solutions to your bacterial and fungal disease challenges.