Proven disease control


Bactericide + Fungicide + Sanitation

Broad Spectrum Control for Food and Ornamental Crops

  • Systemic control—readily absorbed
  • No visible residue
  • Long residual of up to 21 days
  • Use throughout the growing season
  • Low risk of phytotoxicity (when used as directed)
  • Resistance Management Partner

Proven disease control for the life of your crops

Top Growers Count On Phyton

For over 30 years, Phyton Corporation has been helping growers like you get the most out of their crops. Our purpose is simple: to help you keep your plants healthy and disease-free so they can thrive—right along with your business. Our core products Phyton 27, Phyton 35, and X3 enjoy excellent reputations among growers for their superior bactericide, fungicide, and sanitation capabilities, fighting even the toughest disease challenges—like Botrytis, powdery mildew, Erwinia and more. With our commitment to innovation and continued research and development, we at Phyton Corporation are dedicated to bringing the best disease-control solutions to our customers and their crops in the US and abroad.

What growers are saying

“Excellent, it’s our main bactericide”

“A great chemical, great all around and priced right”

“Excellent, good results, preventative, working well.”

– Phyton Grower Survey, 2013

Because Knowledge is Profit

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