Phyton Corporation

About Us

OriginsFounded by Will Harfeldt and incorporated in 1983 as Source Technology Biologicals, Inc., Phyton Corporation was created to market a patented disease management chemistry developed by University of Minnesota scientists to fight Dutch Elm Disease. Despite its genesis, the product, which eventually came to be known as Phyton 27, found its first commercially successful application on roses and cut flowers, leading the company to expand into the ornamental and nursery markets. Growers in these markets have come to know and trust Phyton and have made it one of their top choices, year after year.

Entry into International Markets

In 1993 Phyton teamed with Latin American distributor, Marketing Arm International, to bring Phyton to Central and South America. Phyton 27, whose export formula was modified to be safe for food crops, now enjoys an excellent reputation among growers of fruit and vegetable crops throughout Latin America, helping to drive Phyton’s growth and success in international markets.

New era, same commitment

In 2009, company founder Will Harfeldt passed away. Carrying on his dedication and legacy, our management is committed to building Phyton Corporation into a leader in plant-disease control across the agricultural spectrum. In 2010, the company introduced X3, a triple-powered disinfectant/sanitation/disease-control product known for its power and highly-concentrated formula. Our newest product is Phyton 35, a formula specifically labeled for use on food crops. We at Phyton Corporation continue to look to the future with an eye toward innovation to respond to growers’ ever-changing disease-management needs.
Our Team
Our team at Phyton Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality customer service in the industry. If you have a question, please feel free to contact any of our team members directly, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Jim Beardsley – President and Chairman

Steve Joines – Operations Manager

Joe Biernat – Finance & Accounting